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Top 5 Places to Help the Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Top 5 Places to Help the Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Do you want to help the sea turtles in Costa Rica?

Here's The Bad News: Six of the seven marine sea turtles are classified as threatened with extinction. Now Here's The Good News! Read More

Save the Sea Turtles on Your Next Yoga Retreat

The Sea Turtles head to the ocean in Costa Rica
Yoga Teachers: Have you planned your next yoga retreat? The travel industry is currently worth more than 1.9 trillion dollars.* Yes, that was TRILLION! The travel industry has no sign... Read More

Ocelots and Wildcats and Sea Turtles! Oh, My!

By Anahí Quiñones

Working with the Wildcats and Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

As the end of my career as an undergraduate student came to an end, I found myself asking the same question as other new graduates: w... Read More

Saving the Sea Turtles

One of my favorite memories from my stay at Blue Osa was watching a bunch of baby sea turtles emerge from their shell and eventually make their way into the Pacific ocean. I decided to participate in Osa Conservation’... Read More

Volunteer and Save the Sea Turtles

By Jessica Carpani I remember sitting in my sixth form study room shivering and staring out at the courtyard. It was grey and streams of rainwater ran like children on sugar across the window pane when I started daydrea... Read More

Save Sea Turtles In Costa Rica

help save the sea turtles || Costa Rica yoga retreat

Find out how you can help save sea turtles in Costa Rica!

One random night, Yogi Aaron announced that he would be taking a few of ... Read More

5 Common Fears and How to Overcome Them in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Yoga retreat blue osa peninsula
There is nothing like the feeling of exhilaration, accomplishment, and confidence you get when you finally overcome a long-held fear. But it’s not easy! Believe it or not, Costa Rica is a great place Read More

33 Amazing Facts and Essential Tips You Need to Know Before Coming to Costa Rica

orange basil salad vinagrette blue osa kitchen costa rica
If you’re considering a trip to Costa Rica, make sure to read up on how to get around, where to spot the most monkeys, what to do when someone shouts “pipa fria!” at you, and of course, what to eat. And if you’r... Read More

Injured Dolphin Approached Divers For Help: You Won't Believe What Happens Next

Dolphin Life Change Encounter

Encountering The Dolphin

There is nothing more thrilling than a close encounter with a dolphin. To have the experience of coming face to face, or in this case, eye ball to eye ball, with a large marine animal w... Read More